John McTiernan – Director Filmography Ranking

John McTiernan Filmography Ranking

John McTiernan is a director whose filmography I’m glad I had the excuse to go through and watch (Blank Check Podcast), but aside from maybe 2-3 of the movies, not a group I see myself revisiting.

Letterboxd List: John McTiernan Filmography Ranking


Medicine Man (1992)

Longest feeling movie I have ever watched.

11. John McTiernan - Medicine Man


Rollerball (2002)

Bad, but entertainingly so.

10. John McTiernan - Rollerball


The 13th Warrior (1999)

The language learning scene has stuck with me since I first watched this over 20 years ago.

9. John McTiernan - The 13th Warrior


Nomads (1986)

Made me wish McTiernan would have taken a turn into more of an Action/Horror lane.

8. John McTiernan - Nomads


Basic (2003)

Normally I hate when someone says a movie has a twist because then I’m looking for it the entire time I’m watching. Not an issue here because there are too many to make any sense or guess ahead of time. Fun trash.

7. John McTiernan - Basic


Predator (1987)

Not really a Predator guy (Except for Prey), but entertaining as a time capsule if nothing else.

6. John McTiernan - Predator


The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

I have still never watched the original, so have nothing to compare the remake. Thought it was a lot of fun though.

And anything with the “Sinnerman” playing over a heist is automatically great.

5. John McTiernan - The Thomas Crown Affair


The Hunt for Red October (1990)

Dudes with faces being guys

4. John McTiernan - The Hunt for Red October


Die Hard (1988)


2. John McTiernan - Die Hard


Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995)

The best Die Hard movie.

1. John McTiernan - Die Hard- With a Vengeance

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