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Satoshi Kon is a no bad films director. Watching all of these the last two weeks was a great joy that brought me sadness when I finished thinking about how much more Kon could have done had he not died so young. 

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Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

Along with Paranoia Agent, the only first time watch for me this last week. It is only last in my rankings because something has to be, not because I disliked it.

The ending got me.

5. Satoshi Kon - Tokyo Godfathers


Millennium Actress (2001)

There are parts of this that are incredible (The montages and last 20 minutes), but also a few things that I just don’t quite connect with (camera duo). Have watched twice and run up against the same issues both times.

4. Satoshi Kon - Millennium Actress


Paranoia Agent (2004)

There are single 22 minute episodes of Paranoia Agent that pack in more ideas and visuals than most movies.

Extra credit definitely goes to the intro and outro music.

3. Satoshi Kon - Paranoia Agent


Perfect Blue (1997)

One of those movies where I watched everything that had stolen from it before I ever watched the original. Sometimes that can lead me to finding the source text a bit underwhelming or basic compared to all of the variations and copies of copies I watched first. Not the case with Perfect Blue. It is the other side of that coin where the original remains superior to all imitations (even if it itself takes from Hitchcock and etc. etc.).

This was my second viewing, my first was on a plane in 2019 (why would I do that?!?). Although the first-watch mystery was gone, the vibes and story hit me even harder.

2. Satoshi Kon - Perfect Blue


Paprika (2006)

Paprika has been a journey for me.

The first time I watched was probably 2008-9 in College. It was something friends and I watched together while stoned because it looked trippy. I remember thinking it was fine, but nothing special.

The second time I watched was 2022. I wanted to give it a sober (not-high at least) second chance. I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed it the second viewing. The music, the visuals, everything worked.

Then I watched a 3rd time this last week (April 2024) and I think Paprika is one of my top movies now.

1. Satoshi Kon - Paprika

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