The Best Books Of 2023

Since 2015 I have aggregated year-end “Best Book”  lists, ranking the titles appearing on the most lists for a variety of genres. I started making the lists because I was reading a lot at the time and wanted to know some of the top books from the previous year. Sites like Metacritic had aggregated lists of Albums or Movies that ranked high on several lists, but I couldn’t find one for books.

The lists I created were a bit crude, but I’ve more or less been using them since 2015. I used to write on the site more, but the time to money ration wasn;t great and eventually I pretty much stopped. Now the only articles I post on there are these 16 “Best Of” yearly lists.

2022’s List

The 2023 article links are below.

The Best Art, Photography, And Coffee Table Books

The Best AudioBooks

The Best Biography And Memoir Books

The Best Graphic Novels And Comics

The Best Cookbooks

The Best Fiction Books

The Best Books (All Categories)

The Best History Books

The Best Kids, Children, and Youth Books

The Best Mystery, Horror, and Thriller Books

The Best Nonfiction Books

The Best Picture Books

The Best Poetry Books

The Best Science And Nature Books

The Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Books

The Best Young Adult Books

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